Brett Malone

Serving Technology Companies Worldwide


Brett Malone is a business development professional with a technical background and experience in translational development and commercialization. Dr. Malone has led technology businesses from software companies to biotech ventures and specializes in the translation of early-stage and new market technologies.  He has served multiple industries for over 20 years, bringing innovative products and services to market.

With prior executive leadership positions as CEO, COO and CIO, and experience in funding startups through public and private markets, Brett has a unique set of skills to help launch the next project.

“My approach is to help companies raise that critical first round of funding or close that initial license deal that helps translate their innovation. I am flexible and open toward the scope of work needed to hit your company’s goals.”

    - Brett Malone



25 years experience in business development and technology commercialization


Ph.D. from Virginia Tech


Business Development

Translational Planning

Technology Commercialization

Partner Collaboration

Angel and Venture Funding

Focus Areas

Drug Discovery



Regulatory Planning

Medical Devices

Federal Research


Intrexon - Management Team

Techulon - Management Team

Perseus Analytics - Founder

TopGear Automation - Founder

Phoenix Integration - Founder

Qualtrax - Management Team

US Army - Phase II Funding

DARPA - Phase I, II Funding

Novartis - MTA and License

Eli Lilly & Company - License

Teva - Biomarker Translation

Univ Penn - Bioinformatics Translation